Are you hankering for a hamburger?

To celebrate hamburger day, we’re here to tell you all about fat cap smokehouse and their flavoursome food

Fat cap smokehouse is home to Bedfords authentic barbecue smokehouse and bar. Whether it’s their baby back ribs, pulled Boston pork butt or the classic fat cap burger; there is something for you.

Why is hamburger day celebrated?

The word hamburger originally came from Hamburg, Germany. Some believe that hamburgers were created in 1881 by a gentleman named Otto Kuase, on the other hand the US audience favour the story of Louis Lassen in 1900. Louis is said to have placed a piece of grilled meat in between two pieces of toast, thus invented the burger. Hamburgers are a universal food and it is a food that comes in many forms. Regardless of who invented it, it is one of the worlds greatest creations. Who doesn’t love a hamburger?

How you can celebrate hamburger day?

Fat cap is one of the best burger bars in Bedford, selling good old fashioned American appetisers, sides and deserts. This is a brilliant way to celebrate this special day. Even better they also offer delivery, so if you’d prefer to have a quiet night in one of our luxurious properties, this is an option for you.

Want to make your own burger instead?

If you would like to make use out of our kitchen, you could try making your own burgers to celebrate this special day! Our kitchen is well equipped, with modern appliances so you can create your own delicious dinner.

Ways to celebrate hamburger day

  • Visit Fat Cap
  • Have a BBQ in the garden
  • Try a new burger
  • Invite friends over for a burger

Comment down below your plans for hamburger day

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