Celebrating World Bee Day and acknowledging the role of these bee-autiful insects.

Are you buzzing to learn about how bees play a part in every aspect of the ecosystem?

May 20, celebrates and glorifies the humble bee. Here at Free Range Stays we have committed to being eco-conscious. We pride ourselves on having a positive impact not only on people but also the planet. Celebrating this day is important to us as they provide one of the most recognisable ecosystem services; pollination. Did you know one third of our global food supply is pollinated by bees? It takes a lot more than sunshine, soil and water to make the world green. 

Where did the World Bee Day stem from?

The pioneer of beekeeping, Anton Janša was born in 1734 in Breznica, Slovenia. Growing up his family owned more than one hundred beehives. Due to this he developed a huge facinstation for the insects and decided he wanted it to be his career. His innovative approach and passion made an immense impact within the industry and his experiments even ended up him changing the setup of hive. After changing the size and shape of the hive resulted in them being able to be stacked up on eachother like blocks. The holes in the top and bottom enabled simple movement for the bees, which allowed countries to grow all year round. His work was extremely influential and he is considered “one of the fathers of european agriculture”.

Ways to celebrate World Bee Day.

  • Plant bee friendly plants
  • Enjoy some honey
  • Go to the park and throw a fris-bee
  • Talk to at least 10 people about bees during the day
  • Organise a bee joke competition

Bee our guest?

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